Infrared heat for drying and activating of adhesives

Many adhesives require heat: Water and water-based glues and adhesives are dried, other adhesives are activated. Infrared radiation transfers heat especially efficiently and can considerably accelerate heating processes.

Infrared heat offers many advantages for adhesives

  • Increase of line speed
  • Improving of adhesion quality - ensures fewer rejects and reworking
  • Pre-heating of substrates improves fitting of foils

Infrared emitters and systems can be easily retrofitted in an existing line. Infrared heating technology that fits exactly to product, adhesive and process will save energy, time and costs.

Carbon infrared heat fits perfectly to many glues and adhesives

 Carbon medium wave infrared systems provide heat instantaneously and uniformly. The controllability of the system improves quality and adhesive cure. Fast response times make the process highly energy efficient.

 Infrared emitters that match perfectly to adhesives and substrate increase output and save energy and time.
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See how glues and adhesives benefit from infrared heat:

Infrared heating technology for the drying of adhesives processing of paper and cardboards

Infrared booster for filtration materials

Increased line speed and improved adhesion quality are the two main benefits arising from the installation of a Heraeus Noblelight infrared drying system for paper or cardboards. The infrared systems can easily be retrofitted after successful on-site trials.

Infrared heat improves the adhesion of spoilers, badges and other parts for automotives

IR heat for car parts

Infrared heaters with very short response times can be controlled very well. Adhesives on spoilers or foils for cars are heat-activated within seconds. Adhesion can be done within the speed of the production line.