Infrared heat for metal processing - preheating, coatings, reflow-processes

Protective lacquer curing on metal sheets, topcoat drying on casings, preheating before alloy or reflow processes - the processing of metal parts requires many heat processes. It is worthwhile to pay attention to the energy efficiency of the heat source.

Infrared heat for metal processing

Infrared emitters are precisely adjusted to the product and process. This is important because the properties of the products have a major influence on the heating. Flat sheets or solid blocks heat up at different rates. High-gloss metals reflect very strongly, while dark surfaces absorb the heat very well. Medium-wave emitters dry faster on the surface, while short-wave emitters penetrate deeper.

Your advantages with Infrared:

  • Exactly matched infrared emitters save time, space and energy
  • Infrared emitters have a high reliability
  • Precise control - switch on and off quickly

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See for yourself what infrared heat can do!
Here some application examples:

Carbon Infrared Emitters meet the challenge of new lacquer formulation

Curing of lacquer for metal containers

A  carbon infrared system from Noblelight has proved successful in curing a lacquer applied to the longitudinal weld of metal containers at the Aintree manufacturing plant of Crown Packaging. Apart from ensuring the correct lacquer cure, the system is also free from breakdowns.

QRC® Infrared Emitters Help To Improve The Quality of Motor Vehicle Suspension Springs

Infrared cures lacquer on vehicle suspension springs

Thanks to an  QRC® infrared system from Noblelight, Ahle Springs, of Lindar-Karlsthal, Germany, can now achieve improved quality in the coating of vehicle suspension springs.

White Metal Bearing Manufacture is More Controllable with Infrared Heat

Infrared provides the required heat for alloy

Infrared provides the required heat, which ensures good fluxing and adhesion of the alloy at Michell Bearings.

Infrared Heat Allows an Increase in Production Speed

Infrared heat preheats tools for aircraft components

Short wave infrared system increases the production speed in the production of high specification titanium aircraft components.

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