Flash Lamp Systems with Xenon

Customized solutions for different areas of application

Flash lamp system

Noblelight draws on its experience of the manufacture and design of Xenon Flashlamps, coupled with unique expertise of homogeneity prediction and system design, to offer a custom design service for complete Xenon Flash solutions.

 humm3® is our breakthrough technology and represents a step change in heating Automated Fibre Placement (AFP).

 Brochure Xenon Flash Lamp Systems

Advantages of the Xenon Flash Lamp Systems


  • UV to IR spectrum
  • High peak power pulses – Megawatt/cm2 (MW)
  • Short pulse durations – microsecond (us)
  • Fast repetition rates – kilohertz (kHz)
  • Instant On / Off cycle
  • No temperature build up – high temperature processing on low temperature substrates
  • Integrated energy monitor
  • Easy lamp replacement
  • Integrated QRC© reflector for optimum energy delivery
  • High throughput
  • Stackable optical modules allow larger exposure areas
  • Flexible operating software
  • Ease of integration into external systems
  • Non-toxic (no Hg)

Application areas