Curing of UV printing on glass

Glass and ceramic decorators – the makers of beverage bottles, drinkware, mirrors and flat glass, packagings for cosmetics, perfumes and personal care products – wish to enjoy the advantages that plastic decorators enjoy: The ability to directly print multiple colours at high speed and without heavy metals using a quick, simple and low-cost curing process.
UV light exactly provides this!

The requirements for inks for UV printing used in glass and ceramic decoration are more or less the same: good adhesion, scratch resistance or a high resistance to alcohol, water and chemicals.

Energy-efficient and customised solution

To provide these characteristics, the paints need to be dried properly. Wavelengths, UV light intensity and dose need to be adjusted to the photo initiators of the paint.
Heraeus Noblelight develops tailored and energy-efficient UV curing solutions which fit to the individual process requirements, increase the speed of production and improve process reliability.

Our application experts will be happy to help you find the optimal UV curing solution,whether it is used UV LED technology , conventional UV lamps and systems or a combination of these.
Heraeus also offers replacement Amba® UV curing lamps for these applications.

Additional benefits of using UV-curing paints:

  • Solvent-free
  • Free of heavy metals
  • No evaporation during curing
  • Colour matching much easier
  • Virtually any colour possible
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