Digital Inkjet printing process

As the growth of the digital inkjet market continues, so does the use of UV curing and IR drying. Press OEMs incorporate digital inkjet because their customers demand flexibility, fast changeovers, and personalization capability.

Benefits of UV curing for digital printing

  • Environmentally-friendly technology
  • Faster print production rates
  • Higher quality print
  • Highest functional performance - scratch, solvent, or abrasion resistance
  • Lower costs
  • Faster turn-around time

UV LED technology is often preferred by digital inkjet press OEMs over traditional UV curing technology due to its:

  • Ease of integration
  • Low electrical needs (e.g. energy use, connected KW power)
  • Process flexibility
  • Even lower heat
  • Lower cost of ownership and worker safety benefits for their customer

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Benefits of IR drying of water-based digital inkjet inks


Digital printing enables personalised printing of items such as bills, labels, forms, cards or games tickets. With this, the ink must be dried as quickly as possible to keep pace with the printing.

Optimally done with Infrared technology:

  • Higher energy efficiency than air drying
  • Easy to integrate with flexible controls and small space requirements in your press
  • Reliable and consistent drying

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