T2 Technology

T2 technology

As part of Heraeus Noblelight's continuous commitment to innovation for process heating applications, we have developed the pioneering applied science known as T2 Technology. Simply put, T2 Technology is the use – in precise ratios – of two metals in the construction of critical components of our heaters.


Tantalum (Periodic Table Symbol: Ta) is a rare, hard, lustrous transition metal whose properties include a high resistance to corrosion. Used in technological applications, it helps form the basis of a protective oxide layer on components.


Tungsten (Periodic Table Symbol: W) is also a transition metal that is, like Tantalum, highly resistant to corrosion. It is remarkably robust, having the highest melting point of all metallic elements.

The Heraeus Noblelight process of alloying these two metals produces metal components for our heaters that are highly durable and resistant to adverse factors. Our T2 Technology components are unmatched in quality, efficiency, mechanical stability, and longevity.

You can count on Heraeus Noblelight to explore and exploit the latest advances in science and technology in our pursuit of peerless heat technology for industrial processes.