Heaters for Vacuum Use

Ir vaccum heater

Infrared radiation is a reliable heat source for many industrial heating processes. Infrared heating technology transfers large amounts of energy in a short time. It helps save energy because it can be easily switched on and off.
Heraeus infrared heating technology offers important features: Heating only where it is required, with the optimal wavelength for the product to be heated and in harmony with the process.

Operating in Vacuum
Infrared heating technology requires no contact with the material and no intermediate medium such as air or water. Heraeus can modify its infrared heaters to operate under vacuum conditions. These can be produced with individual sockets, leads and voltages. Every closed heater type can be modified for the operation in vacuum: Short wave, fast response medium wave, or carbon. And Noblelight offers special seals for ultra-high temperature situations in vacuum environments.


  • Low voltage
  • Sealed heaters
  • Tungsten or carbon
  • Fire polished for clean room conditions
  • Single- or double-ended lamps
  • Molybdenum wire connections

Heraeus can construct complete IR systems to operate in vacuum. For any special application we can modify the standard lamps.

Application areas

  • Heating wafers in de-gassing and annealing processes
  • Drying of products in vacuum chambers
  • Heating of float glass prior to coating
  • Coating processes in vacuum chambers
  • Food packaging
  • Plastic forming
  • CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) - application of anti-reflection layers
  • CIS and CIGS - manufacturing processes for thin film solar cells
  • ITO - base coating for PV cells