Fast Response Medium Wave IR Heaters

Infrared heaters allow optimum matching

Infrared heaters are available in different forms matched to different requirements: short wave heaters for deep penetration or medium wave heaters for rapid heat-up of surfaces and thin films.
The wavelength at which infrared is emitted significantly influences the effectiveness of the heating process. Perfectly matched infrared heaters can allow overall energy savings of up to 50%.

Fast Response Medium Wave IR Heaters

Stable and Efficient
Twin tube heaters distinguish themselves by their exceptional stability and high power density. Fast response medium wave heaters can be supplied in all lengths up to around 6m.
Consequently, it is possible to transfer high power over long lengths. The heaters offer long operating life. Gold reflectors double the effective emitted radiation.
The heaters transfer heat at a medium wave spectrum and are thus particularly suitable for drying processes. The high absorption by surface layers and films makes them particularly applicable to thin materials, while the heaters' penetrative effect renders them highly effective for use in plastics processing.
The heaters can be switched on and off in seconds, making them ideally suited for processes with short cycle times.

Product Data

Wavelength Fast Response Medium Wave IR Heaters
  • Twin tube heater, tube format 34 x 14mm
  • Filament temperature 1500 - 1800 °C
  • Peak wavelength 1.4 - 1.6 µm
  • Maximum current 16 A
  • Mean power density 45 W/cm
  • Maximum surface power 120 kW/m2
  • Standard heaters are designed for horizontal operation, and are modified for vertical operation.
  • Heaters are available in various designs and can be one-side and two-side connected.
  • A gold coating of the heater ensures that the effective radiation is virtually doubled.
  • Standard, custom and OEM models available

Radiation field of fast response medium wave infrared heaters. Spectrum of the fast response medium wave infrared heater compared with other Heraeus infrared heaters -- taken at the same electrical power for all heater types. In addition to heaters and heater systems, Heraeus also offers a full array of thermal process technology including control systems.

Technical Data

Heaters with One-side Connection (types A and B)

Total Length GL (mm) Heated Length BL (mm) Voltage (V) Mean Power Density (W/cm) Mean Power Density (W/cm) Max. Surface Power (k@/m2)
300-500 200-400 115/120 45 900-1800 120
400-900 300-800 230/240 45 1350-3600 120
700-1600 600-1500 400 45 2700-6750 120
800-1500 700-1400 415 45 3150-6300 120
800-1800 700-1700 480 45 3150-7650 120
1100-2100 1000-2000 600 45 4500-9000 120

Heaters with Two-side Connection (types C, D and H)

Total Length GL (mm) Heated Length BL (mm) Voltage (V) Mean Power Density (W/cm) Power Output at 16 A (W) Max. Surface Power (k@/m2)
520-920 400-800 115/120 45 1800-3600 120
920-1720 800-1600 230/240 45 3600-7200 120
1320-3320 1200-3200 400 45 5400-14400 120
1320-3320 1200-3200 415 45 5400-14400 120
1420-3120 1300-3000 480 45 5850-13500 120
2120-3320 2000-3200 600 45 9000-14400 120