Nano Unum IR Heater

The Nano Unum is another recent technological innovation from the application specialists at Heraeus Noblelight. Proven-effective tungsten lamp technology in the shortwave range, it offers very high linear power plus Heraeus' Nano diffusion layer as a primary reflector. NIR output makes this heater extremely well suited to a wide variety of process heating applications, especially those that require stability under extreme process conditions.

Nano Unum IR heaters

Unlike other infrared heaters designed for more traditional uses, the Nano Unum reflector is made of a unique layer of nano synthetic glass. This glass is extremely heat-resistant (up to 1000°C), providing protection from the adverse effects of acids, lye and other aggressive substances. The diffusion layer sits directly on the external surface of the IR heaters.
In addition, in contrast with conventional external reflectors, no cleaning is required for a constant repeatable result. The single-tube Nano Unum is perfect for applications involving high temperatures, process stability, and/or vacuum conditions.

  • UL/CSA listed insulated wires are 500mm
  • 110 Watts per Linear Inch
  • 13.7 tube diameter with Nano QRC
  • Have 45mm unheated connection ends
  • Type “L” connection