Industrial infrared heating oven

The MAX ovens combine infrared radiation with convection and optimal reflection. Only quartz glass materials including QRC® nano-reflectors are used inside the oven. This saves energy while tempering glass and in the reflow process.

Infrared oven for industrial heat processes

From simulation to solution
The oven size can be adjusted to the product and the process. Numerical simulation in the design phase makes the heat process especially energy-efficient. To achieve a maximum product temperature of 900°C, a MAX oven needs less than ten minutes, and it can cool down in less than ten minutes as well. This enables rapid product changes. The MAX oven can be used for both batch and continuous operation.

MAX oven - especially energy-efficient
Tests show that in an oven with a heated length of 700 mm and a chamber cross-section of 150 x 150 mm the maximal emitter temperature is achieved within less than one minute. In continuous operation at 900°C holding temperature, the necessary holding power is just about 3 kW, due to the excellent energy efficiency.

Your advantages

  • High purity for sensitive products
  • Thermal shock resistance for fast processes
  • Best optical properties
  • Excellent mechanical stability even at very high temperatures
  • Very good processability for flexible oven dimensions
  • Very good homogeneity of the temperature field due to diffuse reflection

Application areas

Tempering oven glass
  • Saving energy in the reflow process
  • Tempering glass ampoules and packaging glass
  • Stoving of decorative paints on glass and ceramics
  • Forming of metal sheets and metal bodies
  • Coating of wires
  • Heating of highly-reflecting metals
  • Recrystallising of metal wires
  • Enamelling

See how MAX ovens can save time, costs and energy