IR drying & UV curing for printing press users

Learn more about IR drying and UV curing for your next press or for retrofitting onto an existing printing press

No matter whether you are using offset, digital inkjet, flexo, or screen printing processes, IR drying and UV curing offer significant benefits to your printing production including:

  • Lower production costs – due to high energy efficiency, low maintenance
  • Increased production rates – faster print job changeovers, less downtime, more consistent print quality, enables more inline processing
  • Increased capabilities – flexibility to run heat sensitive materials, new types of print jobs
  • Easy to retrofit into existing printing presses – small space requirements and flexible controls
  • Environmentally friendly – no VOCs, low carbon footprint, energy efficient

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The most comprehensive IR drying and UV curing solutions for your printing press.

Get more product details including technical specifications for:

IR drying for presses

 Carbon IR (CIR) – complete systems ideal for drying water-based inks

 Infradry – plug & play drying module that combines IR with air extraction

UV curing for presses

 Amba – mercury arc UV curing replacement lamps

 F series – microwave-powered UV curing systems ideal for narrow web, screen printing on plastic and glass, and industrial printing

 UV LED systems – water-cooled or air-cooled, modular plug & play curing systems, like  Semray UV4103 – air-cooled, modular plug & play or  Semray UV5000 & UV7000 – compact water-cooled, highest UV output