Ceramics, Mounting Hardware, Terminals and Bushings

Noblelight offers mounting hardware (including Mounting Clamps and center supports) as well as high temperature ceramic terminals and bushings for infrared heat lamps. Details are available in this section; also note the link near the bottom of the page, leading to downloadable artists's drawings and CAD drawings in DXF and STeP format.

Noblelight manufactures a complete range of heaters. Please contact us to discuss manufacturing a heater to your specifications. Accessories listed on this page are normally in stock.

Mounting Hardware

New Part # Old Part # Part Description Profile Size Heater Type Notes Drawings (PDF)
09759293 5573 Mounting Clamp 10mm dia. 10mm shortwave 2 required per heater  View
80014997 n/a Mounting Clamp 13mm dia. shortwave 2 required per heater  View
80012071 45623 Mounting Clamp 19mm dia. 19mm carbon single tube 2 required per heater  View
09758010 5668 Mounting Clamp 18x8 mediumwave 2 required per heater  View
09758011 5649 Center Support 18x8 mediumwave total >1000mm  View
09758013 5466 Mounting Clamp 22x10 mediumwave 2 required per heater  View
09758014 5584 Center Support 22x10 mediumwave total >1500mm  View
09758016 5465 Mounting Clamp 33x15 mediumwave 2 required per heater  View
09758017 5647 Center Support 33x15 mediumwave total >2000mm  View
09759287 5580 Mounting Clamp 23x11 shortwave 2 required per heater  View
09759286 5650 Center Support 23x11 shortwave total >1500mm  View
09758026 28017 Mounting Clamp 34x14 fast MW & carbon twin 2 required per heater  View
09758018 15841 Center Support 34x14 fast MW & carbon twin total >2000mm  View
45102903 n/a Mounting Clamp 10mm dia. ring 1 required per heater  View

Ceramic Terminals and Bushings

New Part # Old Part # Part Description Size (mm) Notes Drawings (PDF)
09273021 5590 Ceramic Terminal Block 23.5x20.5 2 pole, 2.5mm2 Nickel plated brass terminations  View
09273024 5560 Ceramic Terminal Block 34x30 2 pole, 10mm2 Nickel plated brass terminations  View
09273023 5479 Ceramic Terminal Block 39.5x31.5 2 pole, 4mm2 Nickel plated brass terminations  View
09274131 5591 Ceramic Bushing 2x11 Requires Lock Ring #09275208  View
09274132 5576 Ceramic Bushing 1x10 Requires Lock Ring #09275206  View
09274130 5578 Ceramic Bushing 3x20 Requires Lock Ring #09275207  View
09275208 5588 Bushing Lock-Ring 9.5 ID For Ceramic Bushing #09274131  View
09275206 5581 Bushing Lock-Ring 13.5 ID For Ceramic Bushing #09274132  View
09275207 5579 Bushing Lock-Ring 24 ID For Ceramic Bushing #09274130  View